This is a shitty post

I created this website last month. Or is this a blog? I honestly don’t know. What I do know is I have been avoiding working on it because it was so difficult! I am officially a makcik who is hopeless when it comes to IT.

Took me hours just to figure out the interface of this thang.

Then things go downhill from there. I started thinking, is this a mistake? Do I really want to work on a blog/website when I already have my twitter and instagram going on. What kind of content do I want to do? Nak tulis melayu ke english, ada ke lagi orang nak baca blog, did I just waste my money doing this?

My head became so loud…and heavy.

Mengejar kesempurnaan melumpuhkan aku.

(Arlina bila dia okay,2020)

I was so caught up in the technicalities of building a website, I forgot to just be myself. So, sempena 1 February 2020, I nak cakap gi mampos semua, kita belasah je, let’s do this.