This is a shitty post

I created this website last month. Or is this a blog? I honestly don’t know. What I do know is I have been avoiding working on it because it was so difficult! I am officially a makcik who is hopeless when it comes to IT.

Took me hours just to figure out the interface of this thang.

Then things go downhill from there. I started thinking, is this a mistake? Do I really want to work on a blog/website when I already have my twitter and instagram going on. What kind of content do I want to do? Nak tulis melayu ke english, ada ke lagi orang nak baca blog, did I just waste my money doing this?

My head became so loud…and heavy.

Mengejar kesempurnaan melumpuhkan aku.

(Arlina bila dia okay,2020)

I was so caught up in the technicalities of building a website, I forgot to just be myself. So, sempena 1 February 2020, I nak cakap gi mampos semua, kita belasah je, let’s do this.

5 thoughts on “This is a shitty post”

  1. Hi,
    This is a stranger writing.
    Just dropping by to say thank you for fighting your war in embracing yourself and for sharing it.
    You are amazing and… i cant thank you enough.
    So yea. Congratulationsss on your blog!!!
    To moving forward and beyond, whenever that might be 🙂

  2. yeahhh gi mampos kesempurnaan itu! 🤣
    I love your sense of humor, Arlina. Glad you decide to write more yeayyyyy

  3. Hey Arlina. You keep doing you girla! Haters will hate. But pegi mampos la dgn dorang. We love you for you! So so proud of your fitness journey, always so inspriring.

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